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  We want to hear your leadership story!

Marshall Goldsmith wants you to teach him a thing or two about being a leader. Beverly Kaye is eager to hear how you battle through obstacles. Jim Kouzes wants to know how you motivate your team so well. Wait…what?

Learn Like a Leader features stories from 35 of the most respected leaders in the world, but it’s not complete. We believe that many of the best leadership lessons don’t come from the most famous leaders—they come from those leaders that aren’t in the spotlight.

We want to change that.

If you have a leadership story to tell, submit it below and we’ll showcase it as an extension of the book. We’re including a live link in the Learn Like a Leader ebook to this page, where readers can read your stories.

By submitting your story you could win a free registration to the ASTD 2011 International Conference & Exposition in Orlando, FL, May 22-25, 2011.

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Learn Like a Leader: Today’s Top Leaders Share Their
  Learning Journeys

Each year, a group of best-selling authors, thought leaders and management experts—among them Marshall Goldsmith, Beverly Kaye and Jim Kouzes—meet to share their defining moments on leadership with one another. As this annual tradition established itself, one theme which quickly emerged was: great leaders seize the opportunity to learn, over and over.

These remarkable stories form the basis of Learn Like a Leader, a close look at why some people are able to grow in their careers, overcome setbacks and soar to the top, whereas others never fully reach their potential.

Edited by Marshall Goldsmith, Beverly Kaye and Ken Shelton, this book is packed with lessons and anecdotes and is a must for leaders.

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